Monday, April 5, 2010

a phone call away... and a giveaway!

It was about 9pm on a Monday night and I was laying in a hospital bed. I had just got prepped to be induced to deliver my first child. My husband had left for the evening to get a good night's rest because we knew that D-day (delivery day) would be long and exhausting.
The next morning, he strolled in around 7:30, sat beside me as we started the induction... and the waiting game. He played music on the laptop, we watched a bit of TV and even some movies. At the time, I didn't have facebook (or twitter) yet. So, we kept busy by chatting, surfing the web, and napping. Once the contractions really started, it was game on.

Once my sweet daughter Hannah arrived, Hubby stepped out into the hallway to make a few phone calls to our immediate family members to let them know they were officially a grandma/grandpa/aunt/uncle.

Phone call by phone call, we eventually got the word out.

Now, there's a cool new service that will do the calling for you! I know, one less thing to worry about when you're exhausted, tired, trying to nurse, stuffing your face and just plain ol' recovering. Baby's First Phone Call is a service that allows you to record a message that automatically gets sent out to the family members of your choice. You might say something like:
"She's here! Sarah Jane arrived at 5:00am on January 1st and weighed a whopping 10lbs. 5 oz. She is so beautiful and we can't wait for you to meet her!"
Of course, you'll still probably want to call Grandma and Grandpa personally, but what about all those aunts and uncles and cousins and high school friends and neighbors who said, "Let us know when the baby arrives!" This is a great way.

Now, contrary to some of the comments left on yesterday's post regarding my need for a 3rd baby name, we are not pregnant (trust me... I'm crampy and bloated thanks to my monthly little friend). Therefore, I have not had the opportunity to try this out. But I will when baby #3 is on the way....

Soooooo... I have TWO $50 gift cards to giveaway to you readers!! Yes, 2 of you will get $50 to Baby's First Phone Call. And $50 will get you their biggest package of unlimited people on your phone list! That's right, rack up the numbers and call everyone you know!!

To get in on this giveaway you have a few ways of entering:

#1- comment on this post telling me why you want this gift card! (are you pregnant? Is your sister pregnant? Friend?)

#2- Be a follower of my main blog

#3- Be a RSS subscriber or an email subscriber to my main blog

(#4- you don't get an entry for this, but I would be forever grateful if you would fan my facebook page!!)

(Leave a separate comment for each entry. Contest is open for 1 week until Friday, April 9th 11:59pm CST. Please make sure your email address is in your comment or accessible on your profile. I was not compensated for this giveaway.)

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