Tuesday, November 2, 2010

dollars for doma

Thank you so much for stopping by to help a wonderful, wonderful cause!!  I know it's not the Susan G. Komen Foundation or the American Heart Association.  But I urge beg you to read more about doma.  They are doing awesome things in Russia, Ethiopia, Uganda, Ukraine and right here in the U.S. In short, "doma’s mission is to intervene early and to prevent future crisis in the lives of children worldwide who are abandoned, abused, and neglected."

My sister-in-law, Amber, is the medical director for Doma.  She travels to Ethiopia several times a year and takes medical teams to work in rural Ethiopia where people have no access to medical care.  Because of this lack of medical care, women die in child birth and children die young.  Families are ravaged by death and illness - all because of a lack of basic prenatal and postnatal medical care.  Amber is in the process of planning, building, and running a medical clinic in Bora, a rural mountain village where rates of infant and maternal mortality and illness are heart-breakingly high.

On her last trip this summer she went and met with the village elders to talk about plans for a prenatal medical center in their area.  One of the village elders, a wise and elderly man for whom infant and maternal mortality has always been a part of life, stood up and said to Amber, "Thank you for the work you are doing here.  What you have done is brought hope to our people.  You are an answer to our prayers."


Please take a moment to read about them and find out about how you can support.... and win some awesome prizes!!

Here's how it works... for every $1 you donate you will receive one entry into the chance drawing.  If you donate $20, you will receive an additional 5 entries.  
$40 gets you 10 extra entries.  
$60 gets you 15 extra entries.  
$80 gets you 20 extra entries.
And $100 gets you an addition 25 extra entries!

So, you wanna see what the prizes are??? I bet you do!!  So, without further ado.... {make sure you check out all the prizes, cuz the grand daddy of 'em all is awesome!!}

Prize #1: a $75 gift certificate to The Vintage Pearl (yeow! I love Vintage Pearl)

Prize #2: A gift box of items from Faith Baby (exact prize TBD)

Prize #3: Colorful Essentials Combo from Mabel's Labels ($48 value)

Prize #4:  Your choice from State Head Shirts

Prize #5 and #6: The book "Confessions of a Not-So-Supermodel" by Brooklyn Lindsey  (that's right- 2 winners!)

Prize #7: The book "Petunia Pepper's Picture Day"signed by the illustrator Christian Elden

Prize #8: A framed landscape photo from TK Photography  (I wanna be THERE!)


Prize #10:  A spa gift basket and gift card from Mary Kay. (Gift basket includes Red Tea and Fig shower gel, body scrub and deo-body spritzer, Lotus and Bamboo shower gel, body scrub and deo-body spritzer, Honeysuckle shower gel, body lotion and fragrance, 2 body sponges and a $20 gift certificate. Over $160 value!)


Prize #11:  5 beautiful photo edits from MckMama (your photos!)

Prize #12:  A set of 2 white butterfly hairclips from Whimsical Fairytales.

Prize #13:  Two purse pouches from Waterfall Crafts. One is Hawaiian floral and has a wrist strap. Great for those quick trips to the store. The animal print is a checkbook cover!

Photobucket Photobucket

Prize #14:  Two handmade purse pouches from Waterfall Crafts. One is stars and fireworks- has large slot for coupons, receipts or even a checkbook and 10 small slots for chapstick, lipgloss, etc.  The yellow floral pouch is a change purse or eyeglass/sunglasses case.

Prize #15: A fresh-made cookie box from Inspired Occasions (choose your own cookie!)


And... the grand prize.............

A brand new Slide HD Flip Video camera!!! ($250 value!!)

{This item was donated by some wonderful wonderful ladies!!}

All you have to do now is go to the donation page and donate for your entry into this amazing chance drawing!! (When you get there, just click "Sponsor Me!")  You will enter your name and email, but can list the donation as "anonymous".  Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions. (workwifemomlife at gmail dot com) 
All winners will be drawn randomly. We have a goal of $1000, so please consider donating in increments of $5. All donations go directly to doma... the money does not cross my hands at all. Even if you cannot donate, please spread the word by tweeting, facebooking and emailing your friends! Runs until November 20, 2010.

**To get a free entry, please send an email to workwifemomlife at gmail dot com with "Free Entry" as the subject. Please include your name and organization you typically like to support!**

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